BBQ Accessories

BBQ Accessories

Top 5 BBQ Features

If you’re thinking of investing in a new barbecue or upgrading your current model in time for the summer months, we’ve compiled a list of must-have features to make choosing the right BBQ for you that bit easier!

There are so many charcoal barbecues and gas barbecues on the market that it’s not always that easy knowing which one to opt for, unless you have a specific criteria such as portability in mind. However, if you want a new barbecue for your garden so you can cook delicious food for the next few months al fresco and entertain friends and family too, here are our top 5 BBQ features to look out for.

Barbecue griddle

Alongside the standard barbecue grill, a griddle is incredibly useful. A big metal plate, you can use the griddle for all sorts of cooking ventures from stir frying onions to boiling beans in a pan. Its large surface also makes it good if you want to cook on a flat and even surface, for items like eggs – you could make a mean cooked breakfast outdoors using one of these.

BBQ Accessories

BBQ Accessories

Barbecue hood

Like the griddle, the hood is a barbecue fan’s best friend if you want variety. When the hood is down, the inside of the gas or barbecue device gets hot and this hot air circulates to evenly cook the food, similar to what happens inside an oven. A barbecue hood is particularly good for roasting big bits or joints of meat, roasting vegetables and baking fish.

Barbecue porcelain enamelled grill

This higher-spec metal grill benefits from a layer of hardened glass, non-toxic material that prevents the grill from burning or rusting. Plus, thanks to its smooth surface, food is less likely to stick and cleaning the grill post-party is that bit easier.

Barbecue warming rack

A warming rack is perfect for parties because it lets you cook lots of different foods and dishes without having to worry about timing – when items are cooked simply place them on the warming rack to stay warm while the rest catch up. This rack is placed above the main grill, so you can carry on barbecuing food while those foods already ready stay lovely and warm until it’s time to tuck in.

BBQ Accessories

BBQ Accessories

If you’re looking for a new charcoal barbecue with warming rack, there’s the Outback Omega 200 model which you may want to consider.

Barbecue ash trays

Look out for ash trays and fat trays you can remove from charcoal and gas BBQs, as these are enormously helpful when it comes to cleaning up post-cooking. A good trick is to line the trays with some foil and sand as the sand will soak up the ash and fat and cooking bits while the foils enables you to just remove it and bin it when you’re ready.

Other features that are great in a barbecue include a cover, especially if you intend to leave your barbecue in the garden pretty much all summer as it will protect the device from the weather. Storage can also be crucial; such as side burners for cooking pasta or warming through soup, side tables for keeping prepared food until it’s ready to go on the grill, and special areas for the barbecue utensils.

What features do you look for in a barbecue?

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